Teaching Children How Green Are Their Thumbs!

Inspiring children to grow their own vegetables serves many a purpose – it helps give them the pride of being self-reliant; it helps familiarise them with names and the appearances of vegetables and it helps them value the hard work and effort that goes into growing anything!   

Our program with schools is yielding rich dividends as school children make the inspired transition from fussy eaters into proud food growers and gardeners who are more than willing to eat what they grow!

Here comes the second harvest from the Nutrition Garden of Jusco School, Kadam. Mrs @Anindita Roy , Vice Principal proudly showed the Bhoomi Ka – India For Eco Food, Jharkhand, team around the garden and showcased the harvest from the school garden with noticeable enthusiasm. She said ” …Nutrition heroes and Angels are loving growing their own garden; we are also using these organic vegetables in our school canteen.” There you have it! A progressive and forward thinking principal, a schoolful of happy kids and the BhoomiKa team. A recipe that’s created such fabulous success, together.

Take a close look on the creative displays of Jusco School Kadma, from vegetable-inspired creative masterminds to eco-friendly rangoli painters to young masterchefs, to hair stylers, face painters, Jusco School has it all! A lot of talent that’s waiting to spread its luminous wings!

We look forward to more such schools joining us in this journey to create sensitive and creative young sparks who will make us proud in the years to come. Here are some pictures from the School Fest Plethora. It was fun being part of the festival and being on the jury!

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