It’s so refreshing to hear of a Safe Food Canteen being run at a school. Imagine clean, chemical-free food being made available to growing children on a regular basis!

This Canteen goes one better in that it serves indigenous recipes with seasonal ingredients and ancient grains. Traditional recipes that give school-going children a link with the timeless traditions of our country, especially those from the region they belong to.

Bhoomi Ka and India For Eco Food, Jharkhand are proud to announce the launch of a Safe Food Canteen at Sunshine Public School, Burma mines. Run and founded by Mrs Punam Singh, a Bhoomi Ka food expert and the ecopreneur behind this Bhoomi Ka safe food school canteen.

Millet idlis, Roti rolls , millet upma, ragi laddus, ragi cakes, millet dosais, millet uthappams, millet paysam , millet khichdi, millet cookies and millet momos, are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes that are served to the children each day. The beauty of these recipes is that while many follow the tenets of traditional cuisine, some also incorporate a modern touch that makes them fusion cuisine and as such, extremely tasty and palatable to today’s evolved taste buds.

Children are introduced to a range of interesting and varied seasonal and eco-friendly foods that are highly nutritious as well. This augurs well for their food habits, now and in later life and is bound to have a positive impact on their palate. Not just the students but the principal of the school and the staff are enjoying the wide range and delicious nature of these dishes. Our congratulations to the forward-thinking and visionary principal for introducing this measure in her school. 

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