Bhoomi Ka helps you access local, seasonal and sustainably grown food and ingredients.

Urban Farming

Want to grow your own food? Then urban gardening is for you. The good news is that an urban garden does not necessarily need huge spaces but a terrace or balcony can also suffice. Gardening in urban areas can take many forms and structures depending on the space available for food production like the kitchen garden, terrace garden, balcony garden, rooftop garden, container garden or vertical farming.

A garden benefits you on many levels. One seemingly magical effect of gardening is stress relief. Emotional benefits of gardening may derive in part from the sense of the natural rhythm of life that plants and gardens impart. It can divert thoughts about yourself and your situation. In the garden, you can create and control your environment. This control is empowering. Gardening stimulates all of the senses, giving great pleasure and satisfaction.

Urban gardening can effectively help solve waste-related problems by turning household waste into usable manure; it can help you getting chemical-free, fresh vegetables regularly; it can help your child learn basic ecology; it cam also make you happy and help in staying active. Besides these benefits, gardening brings you together with other people. Human bonds created between gardeners have the potential to transcend social barriers. Gardens invite socialisation. Bringing plants and people together promotes cooperation. The garden neither judges nor discriminates. It’s a safe environment where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can come together, connected by the simple fact that we all rely on the earth to survive.

Bhoomi Ka is currently working with Edible Routes in Delhi and DRCSC in Kolkata to encourage interested individuals and RWAs to implement this earth-friendly concept.