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For more information and queries related to Bhoomi Ka, please connect with us over mail or submit your enquiries by filling the form given below. Help us spread the word about this earth-friendly and farmer-friendly movement and educate everyone about the importance of sustainable living. Write to us if you would like to join our mission to transform food systems and create value for clean, green, and fair food!

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Champion the cause of smallholder Indian farmers!

Volunteer to spread the word and advocate the benefits of eating earth-friendly food that uses local and seasonal ingredients!

Intern on farms and help encourage smallholder farmers to implement sustainable agricultural practices.


Bhoomi Ka offers you the opportunity to do your part in protecting biodiversity, supporting sustainable farming methods, and garnering support for indigenous food cultivation. Devote your time, effort, and expertise to make a real difference. Volunteer to bring the food revolution!

Register with us, to

– volunteer in Bhoomi Ka fairs, events, and workshops in your locality

– hold campaign for Bhoomika events and spread the message of clean, green, and fair food on social media


Invest your time on a mission to create value for organic food systems!

Contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture by interning with Bhoomi Ka. Gain invaluable experience and knowledge about agroecology and become a proud Food Advocate.

Register with us, to

–spend time on the farm to learn about sustainable farming methods

–conduct awareness sessions in different communities on clean, green, and fair food habits

– organise Bhoomi Ka fairs in the community

If you believe in our mission and would like to help in our initiative, reach out to us!

We will provide you with ideas and IEC materials that will help you discuss the cause with your family, neighbours, and colleagues.


Do you want to get connected to all actors involved in the organic food value chain in India, on a single platform?

Bhoomi Ka’s networking platform helps its stakeholders to come together and interact with each other, to establish a transparent communication system, and understand each other’s needs better. It will help you to get recognised by other relevant people and organisations in the sector and provide you with better opportunities for your business. 

Sign up and explore the world of the organic food value chain. Post your requirements and get in touch with farmers, retailers, and organisations. Create a network list of your trusted members, ask and clarify your doubts and lots more with the Bhoomi Ka networking platform.

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