What We Do


Bhoomi Ka brings together food entrepreneurs, veterans and enthusiasts of organic food businesses. In India, Bhoomi Ka is proudly associated with more than fifty ecopreneurs. Such an association is developed to provide strength for building smallholders’ linkages with market experts and for reaching out wide range of consumers. The ecopreneurs network consists of service providers for organic agriculture, farm certifiers, wholesalers, processors, and retailers.

Become a Bhoomi Ka ecopreneur

If you are an ecopreneur, collaborate and co-brand your organic products with Bhoomi Ka. Be it B2B or B2C, ecopreneurs need not struggle for establishing linkages anymore. Industry experts, agricultural value chain actors, facilitators or enablers all are here to boost your business. By becoming a Bhoomi Ka ecopreneur you become an integral part of its consumer education initiatives and product promotion events.

Bhoomi Ka offers

  • Verified backward linkages to organic farmers and farm produce for raw materials
  • Range of technical consultants, certifiers and advisory from ex-officials
  • Trainings on product storytelling, labelling and marketing
  • Consumer engagement through events, exhibitions, and marketplaces.


Bhoomi Ka outlets and markets offer local and seasonal produce that meets the standards of clean, green, and fair food. They range from staples such as lentils, flour, pulses and grain, milk and milk products, fruits and fresh vegetables, to indigenous produce such as fiddlehead ferns and mahua pickle, among others.

Products from Bengal
  • Palmyra Palm Leather
  • Palmyra Palm Sugar
  • Palm Syrup
  • Honey
  • Hand Pounded Rice/Brown Rice
  • Date palm Jaggery
  • Date palm Cake
  • Turmeric
Products from Chhotanagpur Plateau
  • Horse Gram
  • Finger Millet Powder
  • Katai Saag
  • Futkal
Products from Niyamgiri Hills
  • Turmeric
  • Pigeon Pea
  • Honey
  • Finger Millet
Products from Himachal
  • Horse Gram
  • Ghee
  • Anaar Dana

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