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Become a Food Hero!

Champion the cause of small farmers! Intern on farms and help encourage smallholder farmers to practice sustainable agri-practices. Volunteer to spread the word and connect them to customers. Advocate the benefits of eating earth-friendly food that uses local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible!


Bhoomi Ka offers you an opportunity to join in and champion the cause of small farmers. You’ll be protecting biodiversity, helping sustainable farming methods to proliferate and garnering support for indigenous food cultivation. Donate your time, effort and expertise and make a difference. Be recognised as a Food Hero!

Register with us, to

  • volunteer in the Bhoomika fairs, events, workshops in your locality
  • campaign for Bhoomika events and messages for clean, green, fair food in social media
  • help us to spread the message of clean green and fair food in your locality.


Do you a month or more to spare? Are you a designer? Are you willing to work on a farm? Are you willing to be a campaigner? Do you want to work with kids? You are a potential intern for Bhoomika.

Bhoomi Ka interns can proudly claim to have contributed their time and effort to a cause that impacts all of us directly, in some way or the other – the cause of sustainable agriculture. Garner experience in how agroecology is showing the way forward and be applauded as a Food Hero.

Register with us to

  • learn and stay in a farm
  • conduct awareness session in the school, community on clean , green and fair food
  • organise Bhoomi Ka fairs in the community


Help us spread the word of local, sustainable and seasonal produce and how it can protect the biodiversity of the planet. Join us in creating an interest in Bhoomi Ka across social media platforms and among the common man. Be heard!

If you are excited about our idea of clean green and fair food, contact us! We will help you with ideas and IEC materials to help you bring up this topic with your family, neighbors and colleagues.