Farmers in Karnataka turn to Desi cows!

The rearing of native cattle by farmers in rural Karnataka has created a new and welcome rural-urban link, and is benefiting the farmers economically as well as bringing health benefits to their urban customers! Bengaluru-based Team Desi Milk (TDM) was launched in 2012, with the aim of contributing to such overall development. It has been promoting native […]

Quietly blazing trails – the Women Rice Bankers of Muzaffarpur!

Sumitra Devi and Manju Devi are women farmers with a difference. They are raising rice nurseries that are part of paddy sapling bank, locally known as Dhan Bichra Bank. It is an innovative initiative by women farmers that has become a source of their livelihood and brought a change in their lives. Sumitra and Manju […]

Youths replant trees – enrich sacred grove!

It is four in the evening. It has been raining relentlessly and everything around is drenched. The black tar road is washed clean as it marks a serpentine route through the lush green surroundings. The fog adds a layer of mystery to the environment that is slowly getting darker. This is a village perched atop […]

Using Ducks as Pest control – no ducking this!

Women farmers in Dinajpur are reviving traditional organic farming and using backyard concoctions to tackle farm pests. They are also using innovative methods such as integrating duck rearing with rice cultivation… At the crack of dawn, Lipi Basak and her sisters Smriti and Mamti are already out of their home, with a group of quacking […]

Disappearing foods – Can we save them or….?

“Innumerable varieties of native fruits and leafy vegetables found in different parts of India are becoming rare on dinner tables. We should make efforts to revive them for a more varied and nutritious food basket.” While visiting Kamrup district in Assam where the Centre for Microfinance and Livelihoods was implementing a project to enhance tribal […]

5 reasons why you should ditch refined oils. Now!

An oil that has been refined mostly uses processes and chemicals that are harmful to us. In short, it is supposed to mean to ‘purify’. But the meaning of purify has acquired many new definitions in the context of oils. It may mean the oil has been neutralised, deodorised and bleached. These would require that […]

Teaching children how green are their thumbs!

Inspiring children to grow their own vegetables serves many a purpose – it helps give them the pride of being self-reliant; it helps familiarise them with names and the appearances of vegetables and it helps them value the hard work and effort that goes into growing anything!    Our program with schools is yielding rich […]

5 fermented foods and their benefits!

Fermentation is a process that has been used in India for thousands of years and according to some archaeological findings, it’s been prevalent in our part of the world for nearly 7,000 years, if not more! Fermentation adds micronutrients, especially vitamin B complex and eliminates anti-nutrients such as phytic acid which interferes with the body’s […]

Safe Food Canteen – A School Initiative from Bhoomi Ka

It’s so refreshing to hear of a Safe Food Canteen being run at a school. Imagine clean, chemical-free food being made available to growing children on a regular basis! This Canteen goes one better in that it serves indigenous recipes with seasonal ingredients and ancient grains. Traditional recipes that give school-going children a link with […]

Rohan Prakash, from engineer to certified mango farmer!

  Increasingly, we are witnessing inspiring life stories of educated youngsters who are re-joining their family tradition of farming. Rohan Prakash is one such 23 year-old. Read his story!  For Rohit it is perhaps a family tradition to study engineering, yet never lose that connection with agriculture and the land. Like his grandfather and his […]

Behind the Scenes with Bhoomi Ka cuisine – Nilwish Lakra

Bhoomi Ka Cuisine is an effort to create a bank of traditional culinary knowledge. There’s a lot that’s happening on this front! Travel with us as as we catch up with chefs who are safe-keepers of indigenous traditions and recipes. They are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve ancient knowledge of seasonal herbs […]

Small is Beautiful! Preserving indigenous ‘dwarf’ cattle and other breeds!

“Indigenous cattle breeds are about more than just milk!” says Chandran ‘Master’ one of Kerala’s cattle lovers, trying hard to keep alive the country’s native breeds.  Nambiyandra Ayyappan Chandran ‘Master’ is an award-winning former English teacher who worked 36 years in Kerala and Oman. He has “pledged what remains of my life” to conserving breeds […]

Living sustainably – Vengeri leads the way!

It’s taken a small village near Kozhikode to demonstrate how sustainable living can actually be achieved and can be quite idyllic!   At a time when excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides has become the norm in agriculture across India, a small community near Kozhikode in Kerala is making an effort to return to much […]

Behind the scenes with Bhoomi Ka Cuisine – Anil Khujur

Bhoomi Ka Cuisine is an effort to create a bank of traditional culinary knowledge.           There’s a lot that’s happening on this front! Travel with us as as we catch up with chefs who are safe-keepers of indigenous traditions and recipes. They are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve […]

The Forest-Savers of Poi

Learn the extraordinary story of how a village community stepped up and decided to save a forest from degradation and transformed into a lush haven of biodiversity. Meet the Eco-warriors of Village Poi, Maharashtra, near Kalyan. Ever since the villagers of Poi have become the sentinels of the forest, they have barred the felling of trees, […]

Behind the Scenes with Bhoomi Ka Cuisine – Dori Soren

Bhoomi Ka Cuisine is an effort to create a bank of traditional culinary knowledge. There’s a lot that’s happening on this front! Travel with us as as we catch up with chefs who are safe-keepers of indigenous traditions and recipes. They are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve ancient knowledge of seasonal herbs […]

5 monsoon vegetables and how to eat them!

The monsoon season, especially in India, offers a large variety of vegetables. Everything is lush green, washed and wet! However, days of rain can make life a bit slow and dreary on occasion so what does one eat to cheer things up a bit? What’s good to eat and how? Here are a  few suggestions to […]

SIFS and the small farmer – some responses

Bhoomi Ka works with smallholder farmers to encourage usage of ecological farming methods. These practices are in synchrony with nature. Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems (SIFS) is an agroecological farming approach that looks at the farm as a miniature biodiverse holistic ‘ecosystem’, instead of a linear production unit. By participating in SIFS training, individuals from organizations […]

First Person Experience: I do not want Organic market!

‘The idea that Organic farming is merely ‘replacing chemical fertilisers with cow dung’, is primitive.’   Anshuman Das, Welthungerhilfe India I remember, as a child, my grandmother used to fry paddy seeds on a pan-full of hot sand to make puffed rice – small, yellowish white, popping up like magic seeds in the pan. It was […]

Janpahal – The People’s Initiative

Bhoomi Ka’s partner Janpahal is running a “Fresh Revolution – Good Food For All”. The campaign aims at empowering people and makes them active partners in the food supply chain by promoting vertical suppliers of consumers, producers and small food vendors. It began with a simple initiative. As a group of university students, Dharmendra Kumar […]

Why Indians should talk about Glyphosate

Tony Mitra, the Indo-Canadian Food Safety Campaigner talks about the dangers of Glyphosate Indians are under great danger from the ill effects of Glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, manufactured largely by the agrochemical seed corporation Monsanto under the trade name Roundup – said Santanu (better known as Tony) Mitra at an event organised […]

Relishing the grapes of Organic Farming Practices

Family Khat lives on a farm in Bodia Talai, a small village in the Anandpuri Block in Southern Rajasthan. They are one of the 40 farmer families in their village that has adopted sustainable integrated farming system (SIFS) introduced by Bhoomi Ka’s partner Vaagdhara. Family’s 12 Bigha farm is located on a slope hill, deficient […]

उत्तरा बाई की कहानी, गांव नैगवॉ, कटनी

नेशनल हाईवे क्रमांक ७ कटनी जवलपुर के बीच रोड किनारे वाला गांव जो कटनी जिला मुख्यालय से १५ क.म. की दुरी पर है , यह रोड के दो भागों में विभाजित है। नैगवॉ गॉव में श्रीमती उत्तरा बाई पति श्री राम सिंह ठाकुर वर्ष २००२ से जैविक खेती का प्रशिक्षण कटनी जिले के KVK पिपरौंध […]

Finger Millet: Reviving Indigenous Roots

With the climate change now a proven reality and creating havoc for Indian agricultural sector, there is an imminent need to bring in environment friendly farming practices to meet the need of the ever-growing health conscious Indian population. With the droughts and non-seasonal rains becoming the order of the day, the hapless farmer is now […]

CASE STUDY: The greener revolution – Harnessing the benefits of agroecology

The greener revolution Location: Seven project areas in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Rajasthan (India), Chitwan (Central Nepal Region), and Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh) Aim of program: To improve production and market access for small-scale farmers in marginalized areas by following agroecological principles and diversifying production and nutrition over the long term Food shortages in the 1960s […]

8 natural & homemade insecticides to save your garden without killing the Earth

A home garden can truly make you begin to appreciate the daily trials and tribulations of the small farmers who grow our food. From weather, weeds, and insects, apart from the considerable challenges offered by soil fertility, you’ll find it can be it can be an incredibly humbling experience to try to put food on […]

The Beauty of Eating Seasonal

There was a time when all foods were seasonal. Each season brought us something new and we looked forward to the change in diet. Today, we have lost that delightful connect with the changing of seasons. Almost every vegetable is available throughout the year. And some fruits too. However, we can make a conscious choice […]

The share of uncultivated foods

Uncultivated foods – The hidden treasure By Anshuman Das The share of uncultivated foods from the forest has gradually declined in the diets of Paharia tribes in Jharkhand. Initiatives like conservation, preservation, processing of uncultivated foods has helped them regain their position and enhance the dietary diversity of the communities, also addressing the issues of […]