Stay informed about various advancements in the organic farming industry with these insightful articles.

There are many relevant articles and reports that cast light on the various subjects associated with ‘Clean, Green and Fair’ food. Do read them to gain a more informed perspective.

  • An oil that has been refined mostly uses processes and chemicals that are harmful to us. In short, it is supposed to mean to ‘purify’. But the meaning of purify has acquired many new definitions in the context of oils. It may mean the oil has been neutralised, deodorised and bleached. These would require that the oil be treated with
  • Inspiring children to grow their own vegetables serves many a purpose – it helps give them the pride of being self-reliant; it helps familiarise them with names and the appearances of vegetables and it helps them value the hard work and effort that goes into growing anything!    Our program with schools is yielding rich dividends as school children make
  • It’s so refreshing to hear of a Safe Food Canteen being run at a school. Imagine clean, chemical-free food being made available to growing children on a regular basis! This Canteen goes one better in that it serves indigenous recipes with seasonal ingredients and ancient grains. Traditional recipes that give school-going children a link with the timeless traditions of our
  • The monsoon season, especially in India, offers a large variety of vegetables. Everything is lush green, washed and wet! However, days of rain can make life a bit slow and dreary on occasion so what does one eat to cheer things up a bit? What’s good to eat and how? Here are a  few suggestions to make memorable food moments of
  • Bhoomi Ka works with smallholder farmers to encourage usage of ecological farming methods. These practices are in synchrony with nature. Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems (SIFS) is an agroecological farming approach that looks at the farm as a miniature biodiverse holistic ‘ecosystem’, instead of a linear production unit. By participating in SIFS training, individuals from organizations working with smallholder farmers across
  • The idea that Organic farming is merely ‘replacing chemical fertilisers with cow dung’, is primitive.’   Anshuman Das, Welthungerhilfe India I remember, as a child, my grandmother used to fry paddy seeds on a pan-full of hot sand to make puffed rice – small, yellowish white, popping up like magic seeds in the pan. It was mixed with dry-fried ground nut,
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