Stay informed about various advancements in the organic farming industry with these insightful articles.

There are many relevant articles and reports that cast light on the various subjects associated with ‘Clean, Green and Fair’ food. Do read them to gain a more informed perspective.

  • The rearing of native cattle by farmers in rural Karnataka has created a new and welcome rural-urban link, and is benefiting the farmers economically as well as bringing health benefits to their urban customers! Bengaluru-based Team Desi Milk (TDM) was launched in 2012, with the aim of contributing to such overall development. It has been promoting native cattle among farmers and sale
  • Women farmers in Dinajpur are reviving traditional organic farming and using backyard concoctions to tackle farm pests. They are also using innovative methods such as integrating duck rearing with rice cultivation… At the crack of dawn, Lipi Basak and her sisters Smriti and Mamti are already out of their home, with a group of quacking ducks ahead of them. It
  • It is four in the evening. It has been raining relentlessly and everything around is drenched. The black tar road is washed clean as it marks a serpentine route through the lush green surroundings. The fog adds a layer of mystery to the environment that is slowly getting darker. This is a village perched atop 2,400 feet in the Sahyadri
  • Sumitra Devi and Manju Devi are women farmers with a difference. They are raising rice nurseries that are part of paddy sapling bank, locally known as Dhan Bichra Bank. It is an innovative initiative by women farmers that has become a source of their livelihood and brought a change in their lives. Sumitra and Manju were ordinary housewives till three
  • “Innumerable varieties of native fruits and leafy vegetables found in different parts of India are becoming rare on dinner tables. We should make efforts to revive them for a more varied and nutritious food basket.” While visiting Kamrup district in Assam where the Centre for Microfinance and Livelihoods was implementing a project to enhance tribal livelihoods, Sanjiv Phansalkar saw a
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