Behind the Scenes with Bhoomi Ka cuisine – Nilwish Lakra

Bhoomi Ka Cuisine is an effort to create a bank of traditional culinary knowledge.

There’s a lot that’s happening on this front! Travel with us as as we catch up with chefs who are safe-keepers of indigenous traditions and recipes. They are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve ancient knowledge of seasonal herbs and rare, local ingredients that have been passed down in families from one generation to another. The methods of cooking, the utensils used and the speciality ingredients used need to be documented and stored in a repository that can be easily accessed by anyone who wishes to learn from these culinary nuggets.

Every now and then, we’ll bring you a behind the scenes with a chef. This time, it’s Nilwish Lakra

Bhoomi Ka, India For Eco Food, Jharkhand, visited traditional chef Nilwish Lakra for an indigenous recipe session to shoot an episode for Bhoomi Ka Cuisine. This programme will be shortly aired on the Bhoomi Ka YouTube channel.

The team had a great time learning the recipes along with Ms. Nilwish Lakra.






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