Month: July 2018

5 fermented foods and their benefits!

Fermentation is a process that has been used in India for thousands of years and according to some archaeological findings, it’s been prevalent in our part of the world for nearly 7,000 years, if not more! Fermentation adds micronutrients, especially vitamin B complex and eliminates anti-nutrients such as phytic acid which interferes with the body’s […]

Safe Food Canteen – A School Initiative from Bhoomi Ka

It’s so refreshing to hear of a Safe Food Canteen being run at a school. Imagine clean, chemical-free food being made available to growing children on a regular basis! This Canteen goes one better in that it serves indigenous recipes with seasonal ingredients and ancient grains. Traditional recipes that give school-going children a link with […]

Rohan Prakash, from engineer to certified mango farmer!

  Increasingly, we are witnessing inspiring life stories of educated youngsters who are re-joining their family tradition of farming. Rohan Prakash is one such 23 year-old. Read his story!  For Rohit it is perhaps a family tradition to study engineering, yet never lose that connection with agriculture and the land. Like his grandfather and his […]

Behind the Scenes with Bhoomi Ka cuisine – Nilwish Lakra

Bhoomi Ka Cuisine is an effort to create a bank of traditional culinary knowledge. There’s a lot that’s happening on this front! Travel with us as as we catch up with chefs who are safe-keepers of indigenous traditions and recipes. They are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve ancient knowledge of seasonal herbs […]

Small is Beautiful! Preserving indigenous ‘dwarf’ cattle and other breeds!

“Indigenous cattle breeds are about more than just milk!” says Chandran ‘Master’ one of Kerala’s cattle lovers, trying hard to keep alive the country’s native breeds.  Nambiyandra Ayyappan Chandran ‘Master’ is an award-winning former English teacher who worked 36 years in Kerala and Oman. He has “pledged what remains of my life” to conserving breeds […]