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There are many relevant articles and reports that cast light on the various subjects associated with ‘Clean, Green and Fair’ food. Do read them to gain a more informed perspective.

  • Amidst the green organic fields of Igrah village located in Jind district of Haryana, Bhoomi Ka organised a Clean, Green and Fair Food meet where farmers practicing organic farming, retailers doing business with organic food and consumers from local as well as Delhi NCR areas participated. This 3-day organic fair organised from 17th to 19th February 2021 centered on the
  • Coronavirus pandemic hit India just at a time when its agriculture sector was looking forward to the harvesting season. In India, harvesting of Rabi crops normally begins after 14 April, every year. This year, an extended winter and the eventual nationwide lockdown gravely affected the agriculture sector, especially the smallholder farmers. Harvesting, transporting and finding a market were some of
  • With India going into a nationwide lockdown since 24th March due to COVID19 pandemic, the country’s organic food supply chain is struggling with multiple challenges. Most critical being logistics, manpower shortage, and depleting stocks of items. In some cases, out-of-reach seed banks which will determine what we reap in the coming season. Despite these serious challenges, Bhoomi Ka supported retail partners are
  • Between October 25-27, 2018, agripreneurs from the project `Promoting sustainable consumption and production systems for safe and organic foods in India’ participated in the 10th edition of BIOFACH – the biggest global trading platform for high-quality organic products. Biofach 2018 was a good platform for networking with more than 150 exhibitors from India and abroad at a common platform. For
  • Ensuring quality assurance for Bhoomi Ka consumers by small and tribal farmers of India Inception of PGS We all are aware that India’s agricultural history dates back to 9000 BC, organically evolved in different agro ecological-climatic conditions and food consumption which always projected India as a traditionally agrarian community. Indian farmers are consciously engaged in sustainable farming on 170million Hectares
  • Fermentation is a process that has been used in India for thousands of years and according to some archaeological findings, it’s been prevalent in our part of the world for nearly 7,000 years, if not more! Fermentation adds micronutrients, especially vitamin B complex and eliminates anti-nutrients such as phytic acid which interferes with the body’s process of absorbing nutrients. Here
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