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Why India for Eco Food?

All is far from well

Despite great progress in increasing productivity, nearly 800 million people remain chronically undernourished, while obesity continues to increase. The health of the environment suffers too. The agricultural systems we have evolved in recent years have become one of the severest threats to a healthy environment. Further, the globalization of the food system has led to the widespread cultivation and rearing of fewer varieties and breeds. There are more than 50,000 edible plant species world-wide, but only a few hundred contribute significantly to human food supplies. Just three of them, rice, maize and wheat provide 60 percent of the world's food energy intake! This endangers biodiversity and also indigenous species which actually may offer better nutrition.

Yet there is hope!

The good news is, that there are approximately 500 million small farms in the world – 85 percent measuring less than two hectares– which still produce more than half of the world’s food supply. Here, at BhoomiKa – India for Eco Food, we recognize the fundamental role of smallholder farmers in food production, sustainable rural economies and the stewardship of biodiversity conservation. We look on agroecology as the way ahead to resolve the fourfold food, finance, fuel and climate crises. Bhoomi Ka - India for Eco Food strives to rebuild and strengthen local food systems for a better rural-urban connect between towns and organic smallholder farmers.

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